• Natural Hair Implants

Natural Hair Implants

Single & Multiple Hair Follicle Transplant

Hair Follicle Transplant Surgery is a "State of The Art" hair transplant procedure. This procedure creates the highest level of naturalness that cannot be replicated by any other hair transplant procedure.

  • A strip of skin along with the hair follicles is taken from the donor area (back or side of the scalp of the patient).
  • It is then cut into single or multiple sets of grafts. The hair follicles are then grafted into the bald areas depending on the growth, directions & required density of the hair in that area.
  • Since the hair is transplanted in one's own hair, it has the same genetic structure and the transplanted hair will grow as fast as before and will stay as long as that particular hair from the donor site area.
Natural Hair Grouping
Natural Hair Graft
Hair Grafting
Single and Multiple Hair Grafts
Hair Grafting
Hair Grafting
After 14 Weets
After 25 Weeks
Hair Graft After 14 Weeks
Hair Graft After 25 weeks
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Hair Implants Before
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