• Silk ~ Lift Technique

Silk ~ Lift Technique

What is "Silk~Lift™"?

"Silk-Lift" also known as (Russian Lifting) is a non-surgical approach to facial rejuvenation and lifting using the freshly patented “Aptos® (Barbed Polypropylene Sutures) threads”. (also known as Russian Threads)

What are “Aptos® Threads”?

Aptos® threads” are made of a monofilament material called “polypropylene”. Aptos® threads are designed with directional cogs (barbed). As they are inserted under the skin, Aptos® thread cogs anchor and form a support structure for the face.

The advantage: minimal punctures to the skin which later become invisible.

Thread Lifts Face Before

Threads with laser-cut multidirectional bards- 2006 (Silk~Lift® Threads)

Our new Silk~Lift® threads are laser cut to provide greater accuracy and tensile strength, resulting in a better suspension of the tissue, with no migration.

For the Face

Silk Lift® Threads are approximately 12 cm in length. They are the most suitable for a less invasive facial lift procedure.

For the body:

Silk Lift® Body Threads can be used for breast and buttocks lifts. These threads are a longer version of the regular Silk~Lift® suture.

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