• Thread Lift Procedure

Thread Lift Procedure


They say time is the best healer, but it is a lousy beautician. There is nothing that rings more true than this ironic fact of life. As we grow older, along with us, so do our body, skin and hair. Modern technological advancement and skilled Dermatologists have helped to solve this problem faced by men and women approaching their thirties and forties. In their thirties and forties, the elastic and collagen levels break down and the connective tissue starts to thin out. As a result of which folds and wrinkles become more pronounced and obvious. This tends to make the face look tired and dull and cause it to look like it is sagging.

A thread lift is a fairly recent cosmetic surgery technique which is less invasive and expensive but which gives the same results as a full facelift in a short span of time. Very often, a thread lift is also known as weekend lift since it can be performed in an hour’s time. This form of cosmetic enhancement is fast becoming a popular choice for women and men who prefer this to a full blown face lift. Cosmetic surgeons are known to achieve some superlative results through a thread lift since they are able to lift various parts of the face to give it a smooth and toned appearance. Although this technique can be used on any part of the face, it is commonly used on areas such as eyelids, sagging necklines and the crease between the nose and mouth which becomes more prominent as time goes by. A thread lift procedure is done to men and women between the ages of 35-50 years.

One of the unique features of the thread lift technique is that they are patented threads which are made of caprolactone/PDO. These threads have specialized and highly advanced designed cogs or soft barbs which grip the tissue around the skin firmly, without causing it any damage or tear. These barbs painlessly hold on to the tissues and lift the areas around the eyes, lips or neck. They are inserted with a fine, thin needle and the barbs help to gently lift the skin into position. There is no need for stitches or any chance of scarring.

Although this surgery is less invasive than a facelift, it still requires the patient to be administered local anesthesia along with a combination of an intravenous sedative. The procedure should ideally take up to an hour, however if more threads are needed then the surgery may take a little longer. There is no hospitalization required but the patient is kept under observation for about two hours before being sent home.

A skilled cosmetic surgeon will advise you on the aftercare procedure which the patient must adhere to strictly so that there is not infection or complication with the newly tightened and sore skin. It usually takes up to a week for the soreness and puffiness on the face to subside and the patient can resume their normal social activities. In some cases there may be a mild pain but that can be managed by taking an oral analgesic. In the case of bruising or soreness, cold ice compresses are advisable for at least 2-hours post the procedure. A thread lift procedure can be combined with Botox, dermal filler and laser therapy procedures. This will further improve the texture of the skin as well as facilitate the formation of collagen.

Choosing a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon is of fundamental importance. The surgeon should be licensed and well-known in this genre of cosmetic enhancement. It is necessary to check the credentials, training, education and the type of board certification that a cosmetic surgeon has acquired in the course of the years. A thread lift procedure is ideal for those men and women who want the benefits of a facelift in a fraction of the cost and time. Yet, the end results are as effective, if not more than a regular facelift.

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